The Nature of Ambition

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Every great Individual and thing where created out of thinking colossal thoughts and ideas. You are looking for Ambition, and ways in which you can reach greatness.

Everything is simple to do, all you need is to think outside the box, be ambitious with your own nature and self.

Ambition: a strong desire to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

A strong desire yes.

Requiring determination, absolutely.

Hard work, not necessarily.

To do something requires three things:

  • will
  • desire
  • action

To be ambitious requires one thing:

  • Vision

Don’t be confused will, desire, and action are a must for doing anything, but for the sake of making my point, all you need is vision.

Not a vision of seeing or predicting the future, but creating one.

You create your future by focusing on the present.

Don’t let the past get in the way.

The Future is now.

You need to know exactly where you are going, otherwise you will only stumble upon a field of nothing, masquerading yourself to the unknown events of random.

The battle is never with others, the battle is only within your own self. If others are out there succeeding, doing big things while you are just sitting all back of the bus watching the show, is because you need vision.

Once you know what that vision is, expand it, amplify it, do it. If you feel you have some sort of calling find out what that calling is, and envision it complete.

You know when something is right when you feel it in your breast plate.

If you feel you have a mission or you are here for a reason, find out what that reason or mission is, confirm it. Do what you where set out here to do, and do that to your greatest extent.

You are the main character of your own movie,

you are the director,

you are the award winner.

Let the people sitting all back of the bus watch with awe as you control the very ground you walk in, and inspire them to look for ambition.


Note, even though you are never competing with others; you are doing things for others to see, for others to appreciate. How will you know you are being great if no one can appreciate the greatness? Be the best at providing others with what they need, combined with what you can do.

Be the best at it.

You want to create a product? Create the best product let everyone, see, use, and enjoy it and appreciate how ingenious you are. They will choose you as the main source for new things to come.

You want to be a basketball player? Be better than Michael Jordan, and become the best basketball player of all time. Enough said.

I make my point.

What gets you exited?

What gets you pumped?

What motivates you?

What makes you unique?

What can you do?

Be the best at it.

Be unique.

Be the first to experience your own greatness.


Where ever you go, what ever you do, see yourself as if you where someone else looking at you. This will give you great perspective and you will know and understand better if you are doing something wrong.

Simply think about this, you walk outside and see someone who just did a back flip.

 Now picture yourself doing that same back flip.

Good Job.

You just saw yourself.

The more you see your self doing things, the easier it will become to do them.

You will see your life through other people’s eyes, and see what they see when looking at you.

Once you know exactly what you want and where you are going. It will become relatively very easy to do everything else that needs to be done to get there.

Nothing will stand in the way of completing your mission.

Now that you are ready and inspired to make your way out there and fight the good fight, start by appreciating others work and accomplishments.

This will help you in receiving good positive energy to get things done with full on concentration and focus.





Show some love.


Everything is possible



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