How Your Appearance Gives You Success

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Appearance is very important now as it was through out the history of the world. When you look back at ancient Greek statues, Roman sculptures, and Renaissance paintings you can see the importance of appearance. Beyond the stereotype of shallowness that comes from being a vein individual, to be healthy and look good is a blessing you can give yourself. So don’t get thrown out of wack by those that want you to remain average. To look good gives you success in everything and leaves you free to express yourself honestly.

Honest Expression

Your appearance is a big factor when it comes to Honest Expression because you are not self conscious anymore. You forget about those insecurities that have pulled you back from really being you. When you know you look good, you give yourself permission to be. The feeling of being the human you really are on the inside comes out because you forget to care about how you look.


People Take You Serious

Most people (not all) will judge you solely on your appearance, and others will judge your appearance then your character. When you look your best people take more serious what you have to say about an issue. Specially when you combine your appearance with a well tailored suit. Being fit will most definitely get your foot in the door when it comes to your appearance. When you have a good appearance you give off a sense of self control and direction in your life. Others will take note of that and trust you with responsibilities and other issues in life.

by Beth Scupham


Your appearance is also an important factor when it comes to your health. When you have a good appearance you motivate yourself to stay fit and eat healthy. Even if you are not particularly good looking, you can always bring out your best features with good taste of clothing and healthy eating. Food such as apples, spinach, brown rice, and chicken breasts are a perfect example of eating clean. To cultivate a good appearance means choosing to make changes to your lifestyle to become better each and every day.


Appearance is as important as you choose it to be, but one thing is for sure you will be glad you made the switch. Become a better person not just by how you look but by how you live. Change the way you eat and change the way you treat others. Your plans will always work out when you make such changes in your life. Try this cook book of different types of healthy cooking ideas to get you started to a better you.

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