How “Tool” can help you cope with aspects of reality

tool Aenima
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Who is Tool

Tool is a mainstream progressive band with a sound so unique, mysterious, and even dark that you need to grasp a hold of your self before you decide to listen. Their sound (some might say) is entrancing, although the reality is that this band is much deeper than it seems. To the average person listening to their musical enigma might be to much to comprehend or to take. One must be naturally inclined or attracted to dark themes, complex subjects, complicated environments and mystery to be able to listen to Tool on a regular basis. To me their music is therapeutic, it helps me cope and accept reality as it really is (An Intelligent Design). The kind of understanding that I have come to accept is not an easy one, although it is an easy thing to follow through once learned. Tool helped me in the process of accepting and owning reality as it is, because their music is about reality.


Deep meaning

For example, the song “Lateralus” from the album Lateralus, within the verses of the song include a specific pattern of play relating to the Fibonacci sequence. This sequence relates to the way creation evolves and how it expands. Consciousness is ever growing along with creation in this sense. “Like the petals of a flower the outer creation surrounds the inner”. The sequence is how creation expands and when the spiral is drawn it is drawn inside squares. The side lengths are equal to the divine proportion, this proportion is proof of the connection among all that exists and everything in existence is made out of it. When you understand this you realize that the ego self is no longer relevant because of the realization that we are all one collective consciousness. In most of their songs they express this very well. We are experiencing the same consciousness though through different points of view within the same design. The next step though is to (as a collective unit) expand properly to the next step by way of understanding the design.

tool lateralus Lateralus

46 and 2

Forty six and two is a song from Tool’s album Aenima, and it implies that forty six and two is the chromosome that makes up an enlightened state of being. Normally humans have only forty six chromosomes in the body, someone who has forty six and two has (per say) reached a higher level of consciousness awareness (Christ consciousness). A chromosome is a packed and organized structure containing most of the DNA of any living organism. The song essentially talks about trying to reach this state of enlightenment, where most of the lyrics are expressing this struggle. Giving the listener a strong empathetic feeling of strength, courage, and even wisdom to deal with your own trials and tribulations specially having to do with accepting hard change. Although listening to Tool will help anyone cope with any kind of issue in life, once you get a real grasp of the whole experience. Tool will be enough to prepare you and get you ready for any kind of truth. They ready the listener emotionally to face anything in life, setting a strong solid tone to which one can support and lean on. This is just another song in the sea of epic songs that Tool has created, all of them centered in deep meaning with an empowering feeling.




One thing that this band has that most bands don’t, is style. Their sound is unique original, and refreshing, while maintaining the same level of quality and consistency album after album, song after song,  through out every second. The level of creativity and appreciation for every note is very easily experienced and felt because of the way they take their time. The music is never rushed or forced to fit in. Everything is perfectly orchestrated and arranged as if it was meant to be, in such a way that you can easily tell the level of work they put in. The way they let the songs simmer, then escalate, then reach an explosive peak of power that provoke shivers through out the whole body.


Tool is a band for those that are ready for a higher level of existence reality where the mind has been prepared to move on. Only a select phew had the privileged to discover Tool on their own. Some discovered Tool through sources, others on the radio, but even fewer have figured out what Tool is all about – evolution of the ego mind. If you are new to Tool I recommend you to listen with care, not everyone has the same tastes in music and that’s okay. Another thing I do recommend is that if you are going through a really tough dark time, listen to an entire Tool album from beginning to finish, start with Aenima or Lateralus. It will help you and give you a whole new take on life to cope and give you strength to overcome hardships. Ultimately they are a great band who despite their music that lurks in darkness and mystery, they have a great sense of humor and charisma which makes them that much more likeable human beings.


Now that you know what Tool is all about what are your thoughts?

Or if you are an avid listener of Tool, how have they helped you in your Journey of life?

Everything is possible

Imagination is the limit






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