Being Patient And Careful Pays Off

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You want things done now, but its best to be patient. Living in the fast pace world, you get the urge to follow mindlessly sometimes, to the fast tempo. The benefits that come from being patient are great, and the rewards from being careful are worth it. Don’t be tempted to rush when you absolutely don’t have to, if you do, its best to not do anything at all.

When you do things being careful you concentrate better in the task at hand. When you relax and do things calmly the end result is much more refined, and the quality of your work will reflect it. Being great is not about doing things the fastest, there is a time and place to do things fast. When it comes to your personal work you are better off taking your time. It is the details of your work that set you apart.

You can rush work when it is required for a specific obvious action, but you shouldn’t rush your goal.Least of all you shouldn’t rush your plans faster than you can keep up with. Quality of work is what sets us apart from average, and the timing has to be right.

The truth is everyone has a specific way of doing things, some are better in doing things fast, because the nature of their work requires it. That’s fine because we are all different. Even then, the person meditates, gains confidence, and concentration from preparation to do these things fast and precise. The key is being comfortable and happy doing what you do. Making sure you are where you are supposed to be, in the right environment, with the right people that support your flow.


Your environment plays a major role in how you do things with comfort. Set up your surroundings in a way that you can “breath”. If your environment interferes, it will be difficult to be careful. Demand authority over your surroundings. Walk around your personal space where ever you are, and look at everything that is there, almost as if its alive and ready to obey. If that something doesn’t help you in what ever way, if it doesn’t feel right remove it.

It could be anything from a chair, a decor, a paper, to even a pen. All you do is demand authority over your surroundings, you are reasoning with yourself, “If this is not helping me I don’t have to deal with it”. “I have authority over this”. You place things where you please. The more you do this, your way of thinking will change, you will realize the level of control you have, and will help you be careful, patient, and confident.

When a person is there interfering in some way, don’t loose your temper, be calm, be patient, carefully look that person in the eyes and let them know you are working and need to concentrate. If you say this with authority yet with respect, the person will understand, and will take their party elsewhere until you are done. Keep your cool, and the job will get finished.

Sometimes people will help you concentrate to be in your zone. Keep in mind there is always someone out there ready to serve your cause, let them in. Being patient and careful doesn’t require much of you, it requires being comfortable and loving what you do.

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