Alternative ways to attract positive vibrations and circumstances?

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Vibrations are energies you produce when in a current state of mind. If you are in a focused state of mind you will attract focused people and circumstances. If you are in a happy state of mind you will attract happy people and circumstances. At the end of all my post I always leave two phrases… “Everything is possible”, and “imagination is the limit”. I truly believe life is centered around those two ideals. Sometimes those ideals could be complicated to live up too, but only because you are not aware of the power they hold. Everyday, everywhere you go, you are unconsciously living by them, because in consciousness like attracts like. Everything is connected to specific forms of vibration frequency you attract according to your current thoughts and feelings.

A monks tool for prayer are Mala beads.

Likewise things you have in your home attract energies and frequencies associated and representing those things. For example if you have an Ernest Hemingway novel in your personal library, you will attract the kind of people that read Ernest Hemingway. As well as, but not limited to all the ideas and feelings that arise from reading the stories that also attract more of the same energies. How you dress, how you do things, and how you feel about it also affects your life situation.

Monks know the significance of vibration and energy.

In this current life situation that we live in it sometimes becomes complicated or difficult to focus on what you want. There are some helpful things one can use to attract positive vibrations without too much struggle or complication. There are creators making amulets that help the user in different areas of life gain focus and  attract positive vibrations. The ones who create these amulets do so keeping in mind the purpose, to give the user the positive energy to succeed in that area of life. To attract positive circumstances and situations into their life.


Red Wooden Mala Prayer Beads

MBOX Men’s Buddha Energy Bracelet (Red Tiger Eye of Longevity)


Zorbitz Inc. – Power/Success Black – Karmalogy Beads

Believing you can achieve something and doing it without any kind of outside energy or force is likewise a very real thing. These amulets are if you need that extra energy and vibration to flow to you and make things easier. All things carry some form of energy that attract similar energy produced by the ones who created it.

There are different kinds of amulets with different purposes.
Amulets can be used in any occasion.

They can also be used as a reminder to your self of your goals. They have helped me, I have noticed a significant change in my over all well being and my concentration has improved. I end up in positive circumstances and things become easier to do. I feel protected and focused on the task at hand.


  Give them a try, with many other kinds of amulets that are for specific purposes to help you in that area of life to improve. I recommend you to get one of each just as I did. For every single aspect of your life go about reality with extra confidence and reminders everywhere you go.

Everything is possible

Imagination is the limit



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