Inner peace

How to cultivate inner peace

August 24, 2016 J.MACI 0

by Inner peace is an emotional state of neutrality in every circumstance of life. To stay emotionally unaffected by outside situations of everyday life unless […]

The Matrix & the real world

May 16, 2016 J.MACI 0

by The matrix is a movie that challenges the aspects of reality of their world in their own mentallized illusion of what is real. The main character “Neo”, is ironically a […]

No Picture

Keeping patience is a strength

March 11, 2016 J.MACI 0

by I’ve seen people bump heads before, restaurants, bars, friends houses, and even home. Particularly friends houses, two brothers that are both smart yet head strong […]

The Nature of Consciousness

April 17, 2015 J.MACI 0

by  Consciousness is the reality that you are currently experiencing in your outer surroundings. All a reflection of your thoughts and vice versa. Every idea, […]