The Nature of Consciousness

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 Consciousness is the reality that you are currently experiencing in your outer surroundings. All a reflection of your thoughts and vice versa. Every idea, every action, every word, that comes out your mouth is part and parcel of your current consciousness reality frequency. How you do things. When you do things. Why you do things.


I don’t want you to go and join some religious group, or church. If at some point I come across like I do, let me know. Been there done that. It will only take you backwards. You know better. That’s why you are here because your consciousness is far more prepared for meat and potatoes rather than just milk.

Filet Mignon

 Time has come on this day and age that humanity in general can understand what’s going on and how things work. The Intelligent design of creation. All of the people, places, and things to which you have been unaware. From Christ, The Bermuda Triangle, to the lost city of Atlantis. Just facts, and design. A simple explanation, no metaphors, no stories.  The reason why we where taught in that way, back then was because we where incapable of understanding higher consciousness. Intelligence was mostly primitive. So the only logical thing was to make us believe using metaphors, examples, emotions, and miracles; very effective and practical.   

Your understanding of life is far more advanced and prepared now, your consciousness is far more aware. You never just stumble upon random circumstances when you do things the way you do them, that you are unaware is the real issue. You attract people and things because you are a reflection of them and them of you.

Consciousness is awareness.

Life started with a greater consciousness that became aware of the possibility of creation, after becoming aware of itself.  Attempt after attempt of thinking in ways to continue existing, after realizing that their frequency was constantly decreasing; their consciousness awareness led them to a formula.


Your awareness led you to this post. Soon after this post your awareness will most likely lead you to another post, or to a place, or to a thing. Consciousness is the gathered awareness and insight about any given subject about your current belief about life. (Which is mostly mentalized illusion at the moment.)

He who has more will receive more”.

Consciousness is always expanding.

It’s the simple nature of all living things on this planet and the rest of the The Galactic Underworld or (The Universe) as you see it, in this dimension and the others, (which we don’t experience) for lack of consciousness awareness of their existence, and understanding of their nature .

For example.

One day you decide to learn jujitsu, short after you learn jujitsu you become aware of a certain restaurant where jujitsu masters eat.

One day you decide to wake up half an hour earlier than usual.

 That same day you will stumble upon people that wake up at the exact hour you did, and similarly  and most definitely everyone in your circle has big and small things in common with you. That’s why when you decided to make changes for the betterment of yourself, certain people did not fit in your circle anymore, and others came in.

The decisions shape us and those around us. When your consciousness expands so does the consciousness of the people around you, or they don’t and drift away.

While your consciousness grows so does your works.

Consciousness + Ambition = your answer

Notice how things always change and grow in technology, style, and ideas. Things never stay the same, the result of the ever expanding consciousness. The same goes for the rest of creation, consciousness expansion is the bottom line. Once the creators turn darkness into light, silence into sound, and ever lasting existence from creation.

You will have more time to eventually reinvent yourselves or simply adapt to what’s next.

Consciousness will continue to expand for ever, although on December, 2012, we received a giant spike in frequency that was the hall mark of a new age. This will continue on for many years to come and give us a giant leap in consciousness to many new things.

The result is you are becoming highly aware of reality, and most of you don’t understand it yet.

I am here to guide and lead this situation to a good start. I have gained much knowledge and understanding out of my ongoing life research that I know what to do with except share it.

 All of those little details that where kept secret because we where incapable of digesting such information. The technical. The scientific. The designThe who. The why. The howThe when. The where.

It takes time to understand anything in this Time line of things, and the consciousness that I have to share has no time to waste.

In proper timing.

Everything is possible

Don’t forget about the love(Gravity)


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