How Positive Thoughts Translates To Success In Everything

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 I don’t just say things to try and inspire you to thrive, I want you to win. Positive thought is an aspect of reality that all beings in creation poses. Most importantly all beings in creation are positive to the over all well being of all other beings in creation. What you want is to be great, but great for the benefit of all. If you are great, everyone else will be. What messes up a train of thought is when you start having negative thoughts of others, hating when someone else is succeeding, wining, or thriving. When you thrive and succeed its great, and when that happens you attract others that succeed.

Just because you succeed doesn’t mean you should be the only one to succeed. Everyone has the right, the only thing you should boast on is being the best on being unique. I like to say that we are all different because its a fact of creation and evolution. If someone tells you or tries to convince you that you should do things the way they do things, let them know you appreciate the advice, but don’t do as they say. Get what you believe from where ever you believe, and do accordingly to what you feel.

 We don’t all have the same mission, we are all in different tasks, belonging to different families and frequencies. Sure we have things in common with people in our immediate surroundings, but we are all unique.

The tree of life families more specifically will let you know who you really are, why you are here, and the responsibilities you have in this Galactic Underworld of the Third Dimension.

As we move more in to the Age of knowledge and Understanding, more specifically the age of “The Outpouring of the Waters of Truth”. Better known by the mundane name of the Age of Aquarius. The over all Consciousness of the people will begin to rise progressively through out the next two thousand years. Down the road if you wish to live a long life, you could internalize and use the fountain of youth to reach the Holly grail. The human body is designed to live up to a thousand years.

 The Revelatorium explains with simplicity and detail the overall design and scheme of things.

Staying positive is a state of thinking and keeping only thoughts that you truly want to become reality, even if they are not yet fulfilled. Kind of like faith-“The Sure Expectation of things that you wait for, even thought you don’t see them yet.”

Positive thoughts can be expressed in many different ways. Adhere to the people and things that support your flow, or frequency. If you have good instincts follow them, with your over all end goal in mind. Ever think about something or someone and you forget about them, only to find or see those people and things minutes later? Positive thoughts will bring out your best you, if you allow others to win as well.

Everything is possible

Imagination is the Limit

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