How to attract what you want

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Become It

Become what ever it is you want from life, and you will attract it.  Lama Donrup Dorje, is a teacher and martial artist that teaches the dynamic of rivalry in martial arts. He explains how rivalry is the source of all human conflict inner and outer. He explains that this rivalry hurts only the person having these thoughts and emotions creating conflict between yourself and other people and things. He explains that eliminating the need for rivalry, anger, force, hatred, and separation; harmony takes place and allows you to merge yourself with the person or thing you wish to attract or repel. You become the person or thing and guide it or them to you or away from you.

Feel the feelings you would feel as if it where already so

Before you go to sleep every night think about how you would feel if all your wishes are already granted. How would you feel? What would you be wearing? Where would you be? Really feel how it is to already have all those things you want and believe them already there. The true feeling of already having what you want will shift your reality to bring it from within the subconscious mind.

Picture yourself being it already

Anthony Galie is a professional hypnotist and explains how you can program yourself on how to get what you want. He explains how the problem for not getting what you want, is that we can’t see ourselves having what we want or achieving our goals.  He gives a simple prescription; for five minutes each day for two weeks sit quietly and relaxed, picture yourself already having achieved your goals. On this next video he explains how to program yourself on how to loose weight.

Like attracts like in consciousness

In the book “The Revelatorium“, it speaks on how like attracts like in consciousness, and digs even deeper into the higher truths of creation and its purpose for us in it. Here you can understand on a technical level what the next two thousand years has in store for us. It gives insight about how we can better understand ourselves in the grand scheme of things, and the current situation in the world. The responsibilities we must face, and how we can change our lives by way of translating our realities to a higher order. Once you understand how your life comes into play in the world and who you are and what your true nature is, you will be ready to change your karma’s and re-align with your inner-self.


Your life is important that’s why you must know and understand why you are here and the best way to approach improvement. We are all here for a reason and we all have our own views in life and we must fulfill those unanswered questions. We all understand and see life in our own way, and must follow our own path and discover on our own all the answers that lie beneath the surface.  On a road to evolve and move to a higher better place, in the service of others because that is what we are here doing and continue doing. We understand that helping others is the only way to succeed in life, in this dimension and the others.

Everything is possible

Imagination is the limit


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