How to use music as therapy

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Using music for the purposes of energy is the best way to enhance your life out of plain and dull existence. The people that make music are living their lives to express them fully on stage for you and me. This is not just their gift, it is their responsibility. They where born to do this, and that is enough to have our attention and appreciation.

Not all artists are for everyone, but all artists are for someone. As the ever increasing frequencies coming in every year, month, day, and hour music assists in those transitions. Every time a new frequency comes, different emotions and consciousness come along with it to affect us all in a similar yet unique way. We deal with these changes individually. All we can do is pay attention to the tree of life.

Musicians off all races and walks of life do one thing and should do one thing only, express their lives for the benefit of others. All while being honest with themselves. Ideally they should collect positive consciousness of their environment and use it for their creative works. The music that uplifts, expands, and gives energy is the focus.

Maynard James Keenan(tool)

Music gives you energy 

Most people already do this and its simple. You gather up music that you have become aware of up to this point in your life, and make a careful playlist of songs that fuel your mood. The lyrics and such style will help guide your thoughts in the direction you want to go. You should take songs seriously as they tap into the unconscious mind which is why you should pay close attention to the lyrics.

Understand the purpose they have and what grounds they cover in your life. The emotions and the spirit they convey for you. It doesn’t matter how old or new, what matters.. is it beneficial to your path?

Delete songs

Not all songs from an album are relevant to you, your knowledge or consciousness. Albums from most artist express different aspects of their life to cover ground. It is in your best interest to delete songs that bring forth a bad experience or emotion, and keep the songs that speak to you in a positive light. Be exclusive on what you let in to your consciousness.

Make specific playlists

It is an absolute must, once you become a Vet in making playlists you will have a playlist for any occasion, a playlist for the gym, a playlist for meditation, a playlist for celebration, a morning playlist.

Always look for new tracks

There are almost an infinite number of artist and musicians to choose from the commercial, to the underground, from back in the day up until now. Chances are there is music out there you are not aware of yet that might add to a specific playlist. Needless to say you have to update your playlists or simply re-arrange the songs in such way that you keep adapting to what comes next in your life. Updating your playlist accordingly to the new day that will unfold a new experience, and will aid in that change that will prepare you for higher consciousness.

Its all preparation for what ever, knowing that you have this reserve of positive energy that you can reach out to when you need it. Most people don’t know this because they don’t understand the impact music has over your mood. You can create your own mood with a playlist you prepared for something you need a positive attitude towards.

Alicia keys

Translate music to energy

Music and its lyrics sometimes comes overly intense to make you feel the emotion and experience in depth. Even when some music has negative lyrics the emotion and attitude towards the problem can still be used. If the end result is that of success you can use that raw emotion of success and use it to your benefit in particular circumstances. If you do this its preferably to do it in a meditative way so you can concentrate on it’s energy. Own, or borrow this energy,(emotion, attitude, expression) to your benefit and others.

The artists that live their lives expressing are giving you their flow in life to inspire you with any task. Which is why sometimes you feel like a song was made just to describe your current situation. In actuality it is to describe the current situation of many people in the same frequency, and this artist is the best expressed individual from that particular group at the time. They remind us who we are and who we can be, they are a reflection of us all.

The music artists make comes from the flow and consciousness of the current system and level of reality in the area they are from. Their expressions are mostly a reflection of the frequency they live in. The frequency you where  born in is the main factor that determines who you are, and the responsibilities you have in this incarnation.

The more  specific you are with how you program your unconscious mind, will make the difference in how you turn your life on the direction you want to go. Remember that everything is given, focus on giving that which makes you unique and share the fruit of the end result with the rest of the population. Ideally it is to express for the rest of creation. Do what you where set out here to do, and do it for the benefit of all, and do it with the support and gift that these artist enjoy to express for you. The next escalation in consciousness will be a pleasant one when you are ready with the right attitude towards things.

The system we are in is mostly mentalized illusion. Past situations that ensued in this local Universe being the reason. Rest assured this situation is being attended. Artist will continue to do what they do best, express life as they feel and understand it to be. Just be sure in the person that you are, and staying positive to better adapt with the frequencies coming in. Music and expression is the responsibility of many, and to be of service to those that assist you is the responsibility of all. Music and expression is the responsibility of creation, and with the assist that the artists give, music energy is a song away.

Everything is possible

Imagination is the limit

Thank you Alpha and Omega for all things 

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