How to cultivate inner peace

Inner peace
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Inner peace is an emotional state of neutrality in every circumstance of life. To stay emotionally unaffected by outside situations of everyday life unless directed otherwise by you. It all starts in your mind. The Intellect overrides  emotions, you just need to reason things out first. Intelligence and Substance are the main rulers of life. Intelligence meaning the reasoning mind and Substance the Emotional Feeling.

Inner peace
Like waters that run deep but undisturbed

You have to reason why you feel a certain way about something before you react to it. In reality nothing in the materialized world is worth you getting worked up for emotionally. It’s better to stay calm and relaxed regardless of the situation of what unfolds in front of you. Realize that you becoming emotionally predisposed for any reason will do you more harm than good. That is why you should keep watch on your hearts desires, it only pushes them away from you. Learn to stay clear of emotion so you can leave your mind free to think clearly.

Inner Peace
Zen drop falls into the water with sunset on background

The mind is the first to act and work toward what ever it is you are doing. Emotions are there to serve you as a stamp of approval for your thoughts. Regardless of what the world throws at you keep your emotions tucked in and you will realize how much better you can think and concentrate on what is truly important for yourself and for others.

Inner peace
Keep mind focused and emotions settled.

Instead focus on positive emotions like happiness, gratitude, and Joy; and even then only feel these emotions when truly necessary. Feel these emotions on truly important things that will contribute to the well being of others. Feel the joy of celebrating victories of kindness and gratitude. Feel the gratitude of having all the things that you already have. Feel the happiness of helping someone in need.

Calm the passion to awaken the reason.


Staying emotionless in every hard situation of life is primordial in your well being and mind. Understand that Intelligence serves to guide the emotions. Everything deserves respect but not everything deserves your empathy. Interact with everything and everyone without emotional attachment until otherwise approved by your rational, clear, focused mind.


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