The Matrix & the real world

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The matrix is a movie that challenges the aspects of reality of their world in their own mentallized illusion of what is real. The main character “Neo”, is ironically a computer hacker that is originally a part of the computers he hacks “the matrix”. He is part of a world that is not real, yet he thinks it’s real because the machine world,  A.I. has him believing it is. He is a byproduct of the machines like everyone else in the illusionary world called, “The Matrix”. A place that has their minds trapped to keep their machine artificially made ( human enough) bodies alive while they use their natural source of electricity for fuel. The matrix is an illusionary place of existence that keeps them convinced it is the real world. Everything seems real because their mind makes it real. Everything in the world they know is appealing enough to the senses to make it very convincing to believe oblivious to the fact that they living in a field where humans are no longer born, they are grown.

Neo gets an abrupt wake up call about the truth, and when confronted with the facts he stands skeptical until proven by the awakened real world underground leader “Morpheus”. After Neo learns and accepts the truth he understands there is a battle going on between humans and the machines in the world of the real, where the machines are fighting to take over. The Matrix is a movie that shows the viewer that reality is not what it seems. Even though this movie is based on a fictitious precept, it’s a good metaphor to our reality.


The world that we know is in fact full of mentallized illusion about reality. Unlike the Matrix, we are not slaves to a machine world, rather, we are slaves to the animal matrix components of the planet. In reality we are victims of causality, a cataclysmic event that occurred nearly three and a half million years ago do to the Luciferian self will rebellion of the cosmic over plus. The self will aspect affects us is in the form of the electro magnetic laws of consciousness that turn your thoughts to the benefit of self, rather than to creation. In reality we are higher dimensional beings that it’s soul purpose is to be of love and service for the greatest good for the greatest number in all thought word and deed.

The doorway to the universe is inner.

The animal matrixes that we are currently in, has most of us believing that this is the totality of reality and we are the only planet with intelligent life. In reality creation is over 900 trillion light years across and still within it’s infancy. The mighty galaxies are loving communities of loving people in a fifth dimensional existence that we are privy to see with our eyes. We are living in a third dimensional electromagnetic matter substance reality, where under normal circumstances only an animal matrix evolution is precipitated for therapeutic purposes to the planet. Nothing in creation ever of itself occurs and nothing in creation ever occurs for nothing.


Like The Matrix, we too believe this is the totality of existence because of our lack of proof, and acceptance. Science is the mentallized illusion trying to prove itself in fact, whereas fact does prove reality. Even in the third dimensional time line of consciousness existence that we dwell in, illusion is a misinterpreted reflection of reality. Likewise we are also fighting a battle, not against machines, but of truth against illusion. Consciousness is key. Once you get the picture that consciousness is what it’s all about, you get most of the picture about what’s going on.


Electro magnetic field of earth
Electromagnetic field of earth

Illusions are beliefs about reality which are not founded in fact. Philosophy is the mentallized illusion trying to find truth within itself, where truth is not found. The Devil is the conglomerate lesser condition of Mankind looking towards an excuse. God is the conglomerate greater faith of Mankind looking towards the creators Alpha and Omega. Religion is the mentallized illusion trying to establish itself as Reality, whereas Reality is devoid of mentallized illusion.

The simple operating logic of the Intelligent Design is infinitely flawless yet flawlessly infinite at every level. Intelligence, Energy, and Substance is all there is. Consciousness expansion is a never ending process. Get wisdom but above all get understanding. The path to enlightenment is not in what you know but in what we do, principle pre-empts practice every time.

There are many illusions about reality that are  to be translated, and we are yet to be awakened from “the machine world”. The 900 trillion light year across reality universe is awaiting with loving arms for our return.

The doorway to the universe is inner.


Everything is possible

Imagination is the limit

If you would like to know more about the intelligent design visit The Revelatorium



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