Why Nutrition Is Better In Fitness

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The ongoing debate continues about what is the best way to gain muscle, get lean, burn fat and so on. There are so many articles videos and all kinds of stuff out there it gets annoying sometimes, but for the serious athlete.. where there’s a will there’s a way right? What I’ve noticed about fitness people and other professional trainers is that they sometimes leave out the nutrition part of fitness out. Nutrition is the most important part of any fitness related plan!



The most important part of really getting fit is your diet. It’s straight forward but it’s the hardest thing about fitness. As a matter of fact if you only ate healthy food without any exercise or weight training you have a better chance of loosing weight than just exercise alone and bad eating. Think about it, does it makes sense that a car will run on just gas alone? No right? It needs an oil change, it needs air on it’s tires, it needs alignment and many other things to properly function. The same thing happens with you if you only feed your body junk food, like a car you will run pretty smoothly for a while until you need an oil change.


                                                                 The Body

The body needs vitamins for energy, like grapes, blueberries, oranges, sweet potatoes, bananas, strawberries to name a phew. The body needs lean protein for strength like chicken breasts, fish, and lean beef. The body is a complex system that the better you take care of it, the better it will perform. It all starts with your decisions on how you choose to maintain it. Exercise should be the next natural thing in your life if you want to succeed in anything. The body is where you live.. it is the temple of the soul, and while you live in this planet we need to comply with the laws of gravity and momentum to execute life to a higher degree.



Remember that the better you look the better you feel, and the better you feel the better you perform. Life is a reflection of who you are and if you are confident in yourself everything you do will reflect back on you. Fitness is a matter of discipline more than anything and to keep a fit body you need to make changes. To gain muscle you lift weights and you have to make sure its dead weight. Remember that.


                                                           Weight Training

Weight training is easy compared to your diet, but you also need to pay attention to your body and how it responds. You don’t want to over do it and then you burn yourself out, that’s when you enter a plateau. Lift according to your own needs and how you feel comfortable about your own movements. Learn as much as you can about proper form and posture, so you wont suffer an injury. Start your diet a couple of days before your first training routine so you have enough accumulated energy for your work out. If you are not sure about something don’t risk it, if you suffer an injury early on in your weight training.. you are more likely to suffer permanent damage. Take it light at first and work your way up comfortably until you feel confident about a particular weight.



Be cool, most people when they work out and lift weights they develop some anxiety about how heavy you can lift. They inflict some competitive edge that might motivate you, or it might break you.  Don’t pay attention to those people and go at your own pace, no one is timing you. Why should you care about how fast you make progress. REMEMBER every one’s body is different. If you compare yourself to others you will just end up feeling dissatisfied. Instead, compare yourself to yourself and pay attention to your body’s reactions. Be cool.



Ultimately diet is the most important thing if you want to develop.. then it’s proper form.. then it’s heavy weights. That’s it. Anything else is nonsense only to make you develop anxiety and unease about your self. I found this cook book to give you ideas on the kind of foods you should eat to develop faster results. You will never be bored about what to eat to gain muscle ever again. It has a complete list of amazing cooking ideas to help you make your transition fast and easy. You have all the tools to win now go out there and persist.

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