Why October is the month of creativity

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October the tenth month of the year is the month of creativity, why? because its when the frequencies are most in balance with everyone. The month of October is for the most part home to the family of Harmony and Balance ( Libra). To be more specific from around the twenty third of September through to the twentieth of October. The Family of Harmony and Balance is when everything is not hot nor cold, everything is in the middle and balanced. When this time period comes around you can feel more of the creative energies flow through you. Especially if you are an artist looking for a creative time to do your work. Regardless of what your sign is this time period is the creative time of the year for everyone. If you like to paint, your mind will be most in balance and harmony to create.



The climate is at it’s most balanced and calm at this time of the year which further helps in giving you peace of mind. There are no major climate precipitations such as rain, snow, or hail. There are partial clouds and the sun is not burning your skull like it usually is in the summer. Also It’s not yet as cold as it usually gets around December, January, or February. Rain wont fall as much as it does around June, July, or August. The climate is just perfect for any kind of outdoor activity. It is true that the climate could change out of no where for no particular reason but for the most part October climate is simply just right. At the same time the trees start to give in the leaves to different colors of orange, maroon, or yellow. Everything starts to change.



October is the best month for clothes because you can wear practically anything, and you can layer on without getting a heat stroke. The best types of clothing can be worn in October. You like sweaters? This is the time period for you. All those comfortable loose clothing that you like. Likewise, you don’t have to wear to much clothing either like you would usually wear in the cold month. So you don’t have to worry about those uncomfortable heavy Jackets yet. You can wear just enough clothes to feel relaxed, yet not so much that you feel like you are caring a heavy load that you can’t even move comfortably.

October clothes

Soffe Juniors Rugby Fleece Zip Hoodie, Oxford, Medium

Sweaters such as this one are the hall mark of October.

Basic Men’s Pullover Hoody Gray L


Artist, photographers, fashion designers, singers, and every other creative form of expressionist work better at this time. The feelings and emotions are at their most tranquil for creative expressions. The mind will be just like the climate, not hot nor cold, it will be cool. The passions and drives can better be channeled through. Notice how you will start to get creative ideas and thoughts. The natural response should be to get to work and let those ideas flourish.

October 17434101194_19dd50ca35_o


J.Maci oil on Canvas


Even though Halloween is no longer in the time range of the frequencies of harmony and balance, it is still something to look forward to in October. The pumpkins, spiderwebs and decorations give us a stamp of creative darkness to conclude the month of change.

Halloween Halloween

Halloween Fall season

Fall season Halloween


October is the month of creativity and if you need to create something at the best of your ability, do it in this month. Chances are it will turn out good and you’ll be glad you did. Not to neglect or leave the other months out of the picture because every month has its own potential. Also, every month has its own creative days where one can focus on doing something artistic. Everything you do will have better chances of coming out if you do it at the right time. October simply provides the best possible frequencies and circumstances for these things. Follow the inspirations and thoughts that come to your mind specially and you wont regret it. Enjoy the earth tones and Halloween decorations, October is a month to free your mind.

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Fall season

Everything is possible

Imagination is the limit

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