Why you should respect everyone regardless of their age

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I’ve had many good friends through out my life as most of us do and they where all different ages. It be foolish to under estimate someone because of their age and you learn this the more you understand that respect plays a big role in this system. In reality love and respect for all is a fact of creation in the higher dimensions.

Aside from experience the age a person has is of little importance when it comes to judging character. The character we have defines us and all others with wisdom of understanding.

Understanding that all people born on this planet have unique qualities that they need to understand to progressively advance in consciousness. Everyone has a specific lesson to learn, and this planet has a specific condition that we need to overcome. The mentallized illusion of the third dimension in a place better known across creation as the Galactic Underworld.  The Entirety of what you see with our eyes is the Galactic Underworld. We are temporarily bound by the laws of the third dimension such as gravity and inertia.

solar beat
Solar law, or (Solar System) as seen from a third dimensional perspective.

Judging someone because of their age would be foolish given the fact that we can learn from everyone at any point in time, at any place. The battle is never with someone else, its only with your self. The people are only a reflection of the same consciousness from the frequency that you are currently on.

It is true that you might be wise within your own knowledge of your own generation. Every new generation is a higher step in consciousness, a step that you experienced with your group. Even if we keep up with every technological advancement, it will not be the same as being young and absorbing everything in childhood. Take this generation for example, ten year old kids being pro gamer of highly advanced computer systems.  Not to mention all the experience you have had through out your life, which might have shaped you and molded you to believe things are done a certain way. There will always be something better greater more complex, and advanced to do.



Of course there is always that percentage that regardless of the generation they are from, they manage to adapt to what is new. The whole purpose of consciousness escalation comes hand in hand with adaptation. You can adapt too, if you make the conscious decision to do so. The way it should work is that you keep layering and, updating yourself every time necessary, yet add your own flavor to it.

This is it for this post, stay focused and persist.

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