The Fountain of youth part 1

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 There is much speculation about the fountain of youth. Many talk about it, yet no one really knows or gives insight of what, where, how, why.

I will explain.

How it works.

How can you use it to rejuvenate?


what the fountain of youth isn’t.

Its not a place where you can travel to some exotic island and shower yourself with the pure crystalline waters of heaven. You magically rejuvenate into the peak of your youth, for ever young living life to the fullest, accomplishing many things.

You don’t have to travel far distances to find it.

The fountain of youth is already in the body.


The name is metaphorical to how it functions. Its been there since the human body was designed in the higher dimensions of consciousness.

The body contains 12 “ganglia” centers.

One of these centers is called “regeneration and rejuvenation“.

 Located in the human genitals.

This ganglia serves more functions than just casting your seed upon someone.

The human body is a unique design that can be molded and shaped within proper discipline.

Lifting weights, eating properly, sleeping enough,

to improve the physically. All part and parcel of the rejuvenation process.

Yet there comes a time when, us, as unaware humans  face our current reality.

The mentalized illusion..

that we age and die..

The body is designed to live up to one thousand years.

Even after those thousand years, with proper guidance and step by step instruction, you can continue on living in a higher frequency.

The key is consciousness.

Consciousness of what you know, do, and believe about reality.

Regeneration means procreate, have children and the act of creating life.

Rejuvenation is the process of healing the body naturally through a self regeneration of the cells and atoms.

The process is called “Internalization“.

Your properly internalized fluids travel up the spine thru what we refer to as ” the fountain of youth“.

It makes it’s way up to a place in the middle of the brain, inside a cup shaped resonance center.

Once it reaches the “Holly Grail“, between your pineal and pituitary glands, you rejuvenate.

Depending on your condition, the process may take years.

By your condition I mean age, the mentalized thoughts you hold on to and responsibilities in this world you are yet to figure out. You might be young, for which Internalization is not yet necessary until you reach adulthood.

There are other aspects of it that you need to understand before you attempt to Internalize.

The process is natural and simple, but the mind has to be in the right place aware of several other factors and details.

There is much to learn about the body its design and the scheme of things. All within proper timing. I will release more about this and other aspects of reality that most of us were oblivious to.

It takes time to understand anything in the world, and the knowledge I have to share has no time to waste.

stay focused,

be present.


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