The Poker Face Reserve

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In many situations you need to keep your cool. From dealing with life situations to dealing with confrontational people. I am not a big poker player, but I know a poker face is not just for poker. It will insure your chances of winning at any level, for any game. The whole purpose is to keep you calm and collected in the most stressful and hard of situations if any. The person in front of you should not have a clue what you are thinking. Specially if they have the upper hand. You don’t necessarily bluff. You simply let them think what ever the they want.

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They will make their own assumptions, and depending on your game, they will give you a higher benefit of doubt. Leaving you in a higher advantage. Some people get a kick out of getting a reaction out of you and when they don’t, it gets to them, deeply. Getting some emotions out of you to control you, and distract you of your purpose. Get a grip on your emotions.

You want to take it easy and have everyone like you, but the truth is you can’t please everyone. All you can do is stay collected and run your own course keeping a poker face along the way. You keep your mind strait and live life on your own terms. Money will come and go, but your collected poker face self, you will keep for as long as you focus on what you really want. Everything you will ever need will show up at the right moment. Remember the fight is always with yourself, because everyone and everything is a reflection of you. Treat others how you would treat yourself, and you will always win. Always within a calm, collected, poker face. When you respect others, you respect yourself.

You are a calm person but you can never let your mindless reactions be vulnerable to ridicule. Any kind of emotion in the face of danger and stress, will only end up defeating you. It is important to stay alert and focused and not let the world around you try and bully you around. Act like it, then the emotion will neutralize within. The serenity of your actions will become internalized and all you will ever need to gain strength will be your own collected self.

Practice your poker face and let go of all those stupid mindless reflections and reactions dissipate into nothing. Go out there and regardless of what is in front of you, keep your poker face on.

The nature of a poker face will help you concentrate better, and you will feel better about who you are. Someone that can handle any situation that is thrown in his way. It will increase and enhance anything that you do, and will make you an impenetrable, focused, controlled, relaxed, meditated unit.

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