Value (And How To Use It)

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Everything has or can have value. From the oldest of paintings to a rock band. It’s the unique highly valuable item or the supply that is in demand. That supply that is in demand, is possible thanks in part by a person that created value to it. This person decided to launch this product into the market (the right market), and now they are making millions.

He or she partnered up with people of different talents and gifts that contributed to the production, connections, and analytic to make this product successful to their market. This person knows himself well enough to know what value they have, and what value his team has. This person knows the role they play and where they stand.

Value: the regard that something is held to reserve, the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. 

Value x leverage = money

Value can be found anywhere, with anything and anyone that posse’s the right mind. How do you know something, or someone has value? Because you see the value in it for yourself. If someone or something has value is because you saw, or experienced the value first. If something or someone has value to you, in (consciousness) it most definitely has value, or will have value to someone else.

Value can be created for anything or anyone, unless that value already exists, and it hasn’t been discovered.  It is your duty and mission to discover that value. Perhaps you already know something or someone with, or of value. Maybe you can create that value with your own mind, your own invention, your own talent, or your own service to someone or something.

Can you create value?

Do you know someone that has value?

Do you have a talent?

Can you amplify the value of that talent, enough to make you some capital?

Think of it this way, if anyone else is providing this product or service, would you be excited about acquiring it?, that’s how you know what you have discovered or created has value.

Value can be created, found, or polished, but perhaps you are not a value or talent finder. Maybe the value that you hold lies on a specific skill. Maybe you know that skill, maybe you don’t. It all depends. Are you satisfied about where you stand? Are you passionate about what you do? I’ve mentioned in other posts that we are all different, we all need different things, and we all do things a different way.

Roger James Hamilton

Recently I read a book called The Millionaire Master Plan by best selling author, and entrepreneur, Roger James Hamilton. He nails it on the subject. In this book he talks about the four geniuses we all poses. The Foundation Prism, how to climb it, and how your focus on doing things should change in order to move forward. All within a full detailed explanation on how you can escalate, depending on your personal genius. Thanks to him, I don’t have to worry about writing this perfection of a book myself in the future. He gives this almost spiritual understanding about the consciousness of creating value. A profound and powerful insight about the life of a true successful individual. He even gives his personal struggles and experiences getting to where he is now, a blue conductor, (an investor).

The four Geniuses are:

  1. Dynamo 
  2.  Blaze
  3. Tempo
  4. Steel

The Wealth Light house (foundation prism) consists of:(Ultraviolet-being the highest level)


  • Ultraviolet-Legend
  • Violet-composer
  • Indigo-trustee


  • Blue-conductor
  • Green-performer
  • Yellow-player


  • Orange-worker
  • Red-survivor
  • Infrared-victim

What kind of Genius are you? Take the Genius Test and Find out.  I am a Dynamo Genius, yet I have a balance of the other three to which I can tap to when It’s necessary. You too have a little of all four, yet there is one in which you specialize in, and are truly a Genius that gets you on your zone. When you know where your place is on the Wealth Light House, and what your true Genius is, all you need to do is take the right steps with the right people. Get the proper consciousness necessary for wealth creation, all within the best, comfortable, personal, possible position to win.

It can’t get any easier than that. All the proper understanding in the palm of your hands. Creating value becomes an easy task now that you have the right information to turn that value into Energy Substance(money). On the website he has an abundant supply of books and information on all the technical consciousness needed. What Genius are you? Do you know anything in your life that might have some value? What do you think?

Everything Is Possible

Imagination is the limit


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