The tree of life part 1

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This blog is mainly centered on the subject involving the aspects of reality consciousness, and how it applies to life, to which we are mostly unaware. We live life that compared to actual reality it’s mostly “Mentalized Illusion“. I know first hand what it’s like to digest so much information. Kind of like going into overdrive, overheating, or simply not being ready. You want to know, you think you can handle it. It took me almost three years to get over all I had just discovered. Consciousness awareness of the design is much more outside the box. A perspective that shocks, and changes you. Can’t say how much you can handle, probably more, probably less. I’ll try and explain things to my own judgment, and proper timing.

The Tree of Life

I don’t know if you are familiar with how the solar system works. If you don’t, relax, no need to get so technical, because all you need is to become aware of the function and purpose. All things in creation follow specific patterns and functions. It is vital for it to be this way to sustain. The mechanical aspect of a watch is a perfect example. All you see is the time on the outside, the hands moving. The seconds. The minutes. The Hours. What you don’t see is what’s going on inside. The mechanism of the inside has a specific design that supports the entire function of the watch. You don’t need to see it, but you know its there.

9 planets plus the other three.

In a similar manner, creation is designed. Metaphorically. There is a mechanism that supports its entire function. The most noticeable difference is that creation has consciousness and a watch is mechanical and unaware. Creation has administrators, persons, and everything is alive with consciousness awareness of the greater goal. The Tree of life is the mechanical function of how everything expands, and how everything grows. Its what you don’t see, because you are not aware of it yet. When you realize what it is, how it works you will be able to take advantage of the benefits that come along with it. You will reap fruit from the tree of life.

First you need to understand that you are part of this design. You are a part of the great bigger picture. You are the hands of the watch. You serve a purpose and you are here for a reason. You are also free to do what ever you want within the aspects of the design. The main purpose of creation is to expand in consciousness for the benefit of creation. We are part of this creation. The creation is us, and we are the creation. There are laws and procedures that you need to consider. A natural order to follow for your will, desire, and action to be manifest properly.

The Tree of Life consists of twelve families, each family has an ascending aspect and a descending aspect. Everyone in creation belongs to one of the twelve families, and to one of the ascending or descending aspects within that family. Before I go into detail about the twelve, I want you to keep in mind some things.

The fact that there are twelve months to the year.

There are twelve planets to every solar system, including Pluto and three others that you don’t know about yet.

The Christ from two thousand years ago had twelve apostles.

You have twelve interlinked ganglia centers in your body.( Half are for induction)(half are for discharge)

Nothing is coincidence, its all a design with a purpose.

The Twelve Families of The Tree of Life (Depending on the month, day, hour, minute you where born, you belong to either one of the family frequencies. The location of your birth has equal significance. Every location on the planet has a different frequency.)

  1. The Universal Son Principle (people born around March 20th to April 20th)
  2. The Sharing of Material  hearth=(The principle of earth mother)-(around April 20th to May 20th)
  3. The Male/female Androgen Principle-(around May 20th June 20th)
  4. The Universal Mother Principle-(around June 20th to July 20th)
  5. The Universal Father Principle-(around July 20th to August 20th)
  6. The Universal daughter Principle-(around August 20th to September 20th)
  7. Harmony and Balance-(around September 20th to October 20th)
  8. Regeneration and Rejuvenation-(around October20th to November20th)
  9. The Arrow of Truth-(around November 20th to December 20th)
  10. The Gate of Life and The Gate of Death-(around December 20th to January 20th)
  11. The Outpouring of Truth=(Galactic Law)-(around January 20th to February 20th)
  12. Anchoring of the One Law+( To be of service one to another)-(around February 20th to March 20th)

Being born a second or two apart from your twin brother, will make a difference in personality.

The Tree of life relies on Astrophysics to be understood. The sun is responsible for all the planets, and its inhabitants to receive the proper frequencies to evolve. Each moment in the Ever Present now is a step further in evolution. Every second, minute, hour, day, month, year, is a frequency within a frequency. For example, on December 2012, we recently entered a new age. The age of “The Outpouring of Truth”(Galactic Law), that lasts two thousand years. Which Galactic law is what I’m talking about on this post and doing in this blog, and (Galactic Law) is what the tree of life is- (Astrophysics). The year Twenty twelve was also the year of “The Universal Son Principle”. In two thousand years from now, the next age will be “The Gate of Life”. Which we are going to cross, once we learn galactic law and move in with the changes accordingly. At this moment you are going thru one of the twelve frequencies.

This calendar showcases the entire previous age of (The anchoring of the law) which ended December, 2012.

Plenty of information. What I mention on this post is enough to think about for a long minute, and I’m only walking on the surface.    

Around the 20th of every month when the main frequencies of the year come in, you feel those frequencies in your body. Things like a sneeze and the urge for sexual interaction. If you properly withhold from sex through out this frequency change by internalizing, you rejuvenate.

Regardless of where in Creation, every time a next induction period comes around it will be a quantum leap higher in frequency than the same period’s last previous induction, never lower. No matter how long or how short the cycle period or how small or how great, the next induction period will always be a little bit higher.

This does it for the first part of The tree of life, figure out what family you belong to. On the next part I will talk about the differences among the twelve and each of their general purposes. Learning the nature of the tree of life, will help you figure out who you really are and why you are here. A detailed explanation of your life.

In proper timing…

Everything is possible

Imagination is the limit

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