Evolution is necessary

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Evolution is part of the third dimensional side of creation, it is also a necessary function of all dimensions. The only difference is that in the third dimension an evolutionary race is not common. Usually the only reason a third dimensional animal evolution is precipitated is for the therapy of the planet. Although in our case, the reason we have been put into this planet with animal matrix-es is because of the Luciferian rebellion of the cosmic over plus. (Under normal circumstances the bottom line of creation is the perfection of the fifth dimension.)

An over plus of intelligence is necessary in our seventh super universe for preparation of starting a new anti matter Super Universe that will be biased on the side of intelligence. Many of the people incarnated today are preparing for this new facet of creation.

That explains the Dinosaurs.

What the administrator Lucifer did, was polarize the part of creation he was in charge of to be of service to themselves instead of the rest of creation. That is the main issue here on this planet, also, is the issue for some couple hundreds of other planets in Christ Michael’s local Universe.


In all of creation the tree of life is a necessary component, it’s how everything evolves. Every time a new frequency comes up, it’s always a step higher in creation.


We have to work towards re-aligning ourselves back to creation, through the tree of life.

Realignment means consciously following and keeping up with the tree of life’s frequencies.

Once we align to our inner selves we will be better able to contribute to creation. You will be able to regain your one hundred and five other senses, and eventually transfigure back to the higher dimension to which you originally belong. Start doing things for others instead of yourself, this change in attitude will start the process that leads to Transfiguration.

Everything is possible

Imagination is the limit

(Third dimension)

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