Men With Class Will Appreciate The Essence

The Essence
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The Essence is a classy, elegant, insightful book. It is short in length, yet its contents are priceless, and timeless. It embraces the sophistication and refinement that the world needs today. The purpose of the book is to bring a new yet classic form of expression to the modern day Gentlemen. As the world grows in consciousness, men from all over the country are awakening into a new form of thinking. The Essence aids in this transition and helps reach a greater height and value to its refinement. Only men that want to reach this refinement and sophistication will appreciate the content of The Essence. This complex yet simple to read poetic booklet has all of what it needs to reach the Consciousness of elegance. The Expressions showcase the idea of what is needed to create a new wave of clean subtle simplicity that will soon overtake this new generation.


The Essence contains metaphors and style that brings the necessary content to tap into the nature of emotions. It re-introduces a way that liberates the natural form of elegant expression. The book contains thirty two expressions. The expressions have a romantic feel that should be enough to create the idea. The book also contains a humorous twist in which it gives a contrast to the romantic side.

Having gone thru these humorous letters, the tone slowly changes as the expressions go on to a different even darker tone. These last expressions embrace a complex profound nature. Giving a new light consciousness awareness to its reader. You will notice that as you finish reading it, you wont completely understand its content. This is for the purpose to inspire you to read it again, and re-read some sections. It has words through out that reflect higher consciousness and should unconsciously prepare a new found understanding in the future.

The book is simple yet elegant in appearance. With a magazine type look, it’s as slick as a script, and fits any type setting it happens to land on. Easy to carry, it should add value to your cause, what ever that might be, where ever that might be, with whoever you might be. It intrigues curiosity also giving value and refinement.

This book is not for everyone, it is only for those who want to challenge their mind. For those that are looking for refinement and Gentility. For those that want to add elegance to their consciousness awareness. For those that need inspiration. For those that want ideas. For those that need something new. This book is meant to be read and appreciated in many different ways regardless of points of view, you will find something beneficial, perhaps a word that will trigger an idea, or a phrase that will inspire an action.


The Essence is made to stand the test of time as far as content, and will be relevant for generations to come. It is available here, among thousands of book stores and websites.

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