Why you should do things your own way

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Doing things becomes an easy task when there is someone always there ready to explain to you how they do it. Some even have a way that is the easiest and fastest to get things done, but should you?


When you follow other people’s advice on how you should do something it becomes a habit the rest of your life. I don’t always follow peoples advice when it comes to doing things. I like to figure things out on my own and you never know if you will figure out a new and improved way to get it done. You might come up with a new method that was completely different and way better.

Started original way of gymnastic training with no prior experience, that became the best well known in the world.

You never know how something will turn out if you don’t try something different. Although, make sure that what you do is safe for others and you. When you try to do something new and different make sure others don’t suffer as a result of your experimentation. Try to do things for the benefit of others in your own unique way. Keeping this mentality will insure you success to achieve what ever it is that you are doing.

Original thinkers are the forerunners for the future.


I don’t like when people dictate how I should do things, or when I should do things. But if you feel that its obvious to do something how you been instructed as the only possibility… then you be the judge. If you think there is a better way to do it, let it be known with proper respect and consideration to the other person and their methods. It’s best to figure things out on your own and possibly find new, improved, creative, and unprecedented methods; but there is nothing wrong with following already perfect methods either. Not everything is worth doing on your own for lack of time or lack of patience, and not everything is worth doing the same as someone else for lack of ambition and lack of creation.

Everything is possible

Imagination is the limit


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