Keeping patience is a strength

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I’ve seen people bump heads before, restaurants, bars, friends houses, and even home. Particularly friends houses, two brothers that are both smart yet head strong and extremely pationate about how they express it. Interesting enough though is they are both born the same day, and a couple years apart. Making them very similar yet different in aptitudes and styles, I grew up with both of them and its been this way from the very beginning, so its never a surprise when they find some differences in daily life. Two males belonging to the same family genealogically and from the tree of life, “Regeneration and Rejuvenation” family principle, or better known as “Scorpios”. These guys are known for their passion and charisma that can sometimes be expressed when pressed on or provoked.

It was an MMA fight very often and it was never a clean fight

Picture two scorpio born the same day from the same family, always finding something to disturb each other about. It is mayhem and can make the easily disturbed very nervous. The main problem growing up for them I notice is patience. They would absolutely under no circumstances back down from an argument because, they neither have the patience and attention to listen to each other.

Just today I was with them, and they are not the same scorpios I knew while still in high school. Today I noticed something particularly interesting between them. All day they where arguing but not the same way as before, this time it was considerate of each other. This time they maintained patience, at least to a point. As much as one would annoy the other, they would listen to the other first and actually try to fix the problem.

Much more civilized

After so many years of fighting and arguing they must have come to the conclusion, that there is no point in tearing each other apart. I don’t know how many Scorpios you might have in your life, but I’m surrounded by them and its a privileged to see this kind of maturity unfold before your eyes, its even a bigger privilege to recognize it from them.


Being patient is not an easy task when you are tested daily but its not impossible. If these two passionate people born in extreme conditions can grow up and settle themselves so can you.

Once you figure out who you really are, what your responsibility in this incarnation is, and the necessary steps to do it; patience is easier to obtain. Do you have someone in your life you cant get along with?

Everything is possible

Imagination is the limit

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