Why you should only focus on what you really want

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When you focus only on what you really want, you are telling yourself, I don’t settle for less. Not because I think I’m worthy, not because I think I can, but because that’s exactly what I want. You are being honest with yourself. You are being honest with your true nature. Because this is what makes you genuinely happy, and liberates your positive self. Along the way there will be times when your current reality will surround you with random people and things. Not because that’s life, but because that’s what you are settling for. Once you accept the fact that you have the authority to pick exactly what you want to see, those people and things will be replaced. Up to the smallest detail, be picky. Be patient and persistent, those things will get there.

Patience is a virtue.

Its not because you magically landed here but because you put yourself there out of acceptance. It all starts with your mind, your imagination, your Ambition. Not where you are but where you want to genuinely be. Don’t let your current reality dupe you in to believing this is it. You have to focus on what you really want, and ignore all else.

Think of something already in your life, normally under any circumstances you would not have this any other way. Doesn’t matter what they give you, you just wont settle. Until the one thing you wanted, exactly how you want it, is in front of you. The same thing is with everything else in life. All you have to do is be aware that this is possible. Don’t accept nothing else until you have what you want. Be patient, just like on the one thing you wont have any other way, you will get it eventually. Or you will just move on to other things that you know will be exactly how you want.

Now, if you really want something, it doesn’t matter what’s in front of you. Always have what you really want in the back of your mind. When it comes to your reality, be like a stubborn child. When you are out there, no matter how it looks, if its not what you want. Simply ignore it. If its someone acknowledge them, be patient, and never loose sight of what you really want. You will start noticing how life will give you apples, and if it gives you lemons, give the lemons away to someone that wants them.

Notice how I only focus my talk, that I only tell you what you should do. I am focusing my speech so that all you remember is to do just that. Focus your consciousness to what your true nature is, your current reality will start to shift, and you will notice that you are in more control than you think. Even the smallest detail should be exactly how you envision it. Be a bully to your self in this aspect. Ask your self, “Is this what I really want?”. Allow your reality shift to your will, if its really what you want, it will feel natural. Some people like cold, some people hot, some people like cool.

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Respect style.

We are all different, and we all need different things. Accept and respect everyone else’s taste to life, and your taste will be respected. If you want to live life fully satisfied, be stubborn to your nature. Accept others nature and your nature will be accepted. When it comes to you, only accept what you really want, all else that doesn’t apply ignore it as if it doesn’t exist in your current reality.

Everything is possible

Imagination is the limit

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